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Ningbo Zhengbang Nylon Co., Ltd. is specialized in research, development and production of nylon modified engineering plastics. As an enterprise adopting modern management, the company integrates technology, industry and trade. Products of the company cover most fields of nylon modified engineering plastics. The company has independently researched and developed high-cost-performance “Zhengbang” products and launched the following 6 subseries at the initial stage:
Nylon Reinforcement Series
Nylon Reinforcement Fire-resisting Series
Nylon Fire-resisting Series
Nylon Toughening Series
Nylon Reinforcement and Toughening Series
Nylon Wear-resisting Series 
     In line with the quality philosophy of “Product Decides Character, Character Embodies Product”, the company has a professional technical team engaged in research and development of nylon modified plastics and skillful production staff. The company implements strict scientific management and adopts complete product testing facilities so as to produce high-quality and excellent products and provide green resource for the society and the market. The company has passed the certification of ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System and some products have passed “UL” certification and test of “ROHS”.
Business Philosophy:
  When selling products, the company first considers actual benefits of customers and then reaches mutual benefits on the basis. Therefore, the company not only launches high-cost-performance products, but also attaches more importance to technical service and always sticks to the tenet of “Service Is Also Quality” to realize perfect combination of product quality and service quality.
Corporate culture:
"Bond source of ideas from the "justice of the state" saying, Yiyu justice, righteousness and justice ". The company stressed that the "industry, diligence and neglected in play; rows into the Si, was destroyed with" professionalism. based on the Road - Quality Development Road - integrity
Technical Advantages:
Advanced Technology: The nylon modification technology has reached advanced level of the industry.
Complete Technology: The technology varieties cover most application fields of nylon modified material.
Strong Detectability: Capable of detecting all quality indexes of products of the company and providing material detection service for customers. Strong R & D Ability: Capable of making rapid response and adjusting formula to meet demand of customers.
High-level Service Ability: Capable of assisting customers in choosing proper material and providing consultation service meeting forming technology conditions of materials of customers.
Company Profile